Pancake batter party game, part racing sim, mostly silly
Multiplayer browser game with oomph!
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Couch co-op retro-mod port of a classic
Yet another Godot package for Firebase. The dumb one that simply works.
Challenging game of swiping down to jump up
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2D game engine for Flutter (Android, iOS, web, etc.)
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Dead people are going to die.
Role Playing
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Get this legendary, multi-player, turn-based, mech warfare game running again on Windows
This zany game has been fixed for the Windows of today
Global Game Jam, 2017. Play online now and escape from paradise!
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Slightly-interactive, slightly-punishing short story
Blindfolds and limb manipulation
A collection of fonts I've modified for PICO-8 programming.
Slick Layer Combinator for Inkscape

My old DOS stuff (that now run in the browser)