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New Mexico Game Jam, 2016

Brief Rules

Split the group into teams of pairs.

Each team takes turns drawing a picture with one partner directing and the other partner drawing blindfolded. You can draw on a whiteboard, paper, or whatever works for you.

Once the drawing partner has the blindfold on, the directing partner takes the next image in the stack and shows it to all the other teams. Nobody is allowed to announce what the image is.

The directing partner then instructs the drawing partner how to draw the image by indicating where to draw the next letter and announcing what letter to draw.

After a maximum of 8 letters have been drawn in attempt to form an image, the drawing partner then removes the blindfold and has 10 seconds to guess what they were supposed to be drawing. The directing partner is not allowed to speak or gesticulate during this time.

If the drawing partner says the correct word or words matching the image, they score 1 point.

Then the next team takes a turn.

Teams must alternate roles of instructing and drawing partner each time they take a turn.


Painting by Letters.pdf 63 kB


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Only 496 more drawings to add and this could be ready to play for real!