A downloadable patch for Windows

The legendary, multi-player, turn-based-strategy, mech warfare game is back!

CyberStorm is the highest-rated game at Home of the Underdogs (current score: 9.23).

In 1996, MissionForce: CyberStorm was released for Windows 95. It appears to have struggled with OS compatibility in Windows XP. When Windows Vista came out in 2007, it was now totally broken. I did not know the game but discovered it while working on a similar fix for another game. I read all the pleas for a fix but found none. Thus, I took in on with Windows 10... and succeeded.

Long story can be found here: Fixing Up Old (Sierra) Computer Game

Install instructions

It is strongly recommended you read the install wiki: RBXIT Wiki

Especially, before asking for help.


RBXIT Win7 Patch (R7) for CS v1.0 and v1.1

Development log

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