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SLiCk : the Slick Layer Combinator for Inkscape

Slick helps you produce multiple versions of a drawing from a single master drawing.  Slick promotes intelligent layer and sublayer use (instead of just one layer per output drawing and unslick stuff like that).

I wrote Slick for producing game sprites for GRITS Racing, to shade and highlight the sprite in different ways as it rotates in the sunlight.  Thus, each sprite needs eight different versions for the eight rotations.  I then import the slicked-up SVGs into the game engine as meshes.  If you use Inkscape to produce raster images, Slick can still totally be of help as part of your art pipeline.

See the GitHub page for all the details and slick instructions.

In the above example, Slick will export 8 files:

  • Car_0.svg
  • Car_45.svg
  • Car_90.svg
  • Car_135.svg
  • Car_180.svg
  • Car_225.svg
  • Car_270.svg
  • Car_315.svg
Release date Sep 08, 2019
Made withInkscape
Tags2D, inkscape, meshes, Sprites, SVG
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Slick for Inkscape 1.0+
Slick for Inkscape 0.92.x

Install instructions

  1. Download the release appropriate for your Inkscape version: v0.92.x, or v1.0 and later.
  2. Unzip the INX and PY files to your Inkscape "User extensions" folder.  You can find that location in Inkscape here: Edit > Preferences > System.
  3. Restart Inkscape.
  4. You'll find Slick here: Extensions > Export > SLiCk Layer Combinator.
  5. Read the instructions on Slick's GitHub page (if you didn't already).

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