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Yet another Godot package for Firebase. The dumb one that simply works.

This project targets Firebase Realtime Database only.

I have no current plans for Cloud Firestore or Cloud Storage. Firebase Authentication is included with limited functionality (limited in addition to being lite: email/password and anon auths only; no email link, phone, or OAuth yet).

Requires Godot 3.3.0 (rc6+) and later for the listeners to work in HTML5 exports. Otherwise, Godot 3.?.x should suffice.


I built this tool so I could continue the rewrite of Sendit Soccer in Godot.


  1. Clone this repo or download the zip of it.
  2. Copy the firebase_app_lite folder into the res:// folder of your game. This is not an editor plugin so it does not need to be in the addons folder if you have one (and shouldn't be there if you want the class icons to display).
  3. Also copy one or more of the following folders into the res:// folder of your game, depending on the features you need (critical: place at the same level as firebase_app_lite):
    • firebase_auth_lite
    • firebase_database_lite
  4. Create a firebase global namespace (AutoLoad Singleton) by going into Project Settings > AutoLoad tab, and add a new entry with the following settings:
    • Path: res://firebase_app_lite/firebase.gd (or wherever you put it)
    • Name: firebase (note this is all lower case -- if you try proper case it will generate a conflict error with the Firebase class [Godot's style guide is mixed up about class instances])
    • Singleton: [x] Enable


Read the rest on GitHub.

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