Sendit Soccer

15OCT Status Report: I have only a small amount of time to spend on this right now but, regardless, the fundamental mechanics are progressing well and I hope to have a minimal-but-playable version up soon.  So, pin this, and start looking for 21 friends to play this with.

There is no game here... yet.

This is as far as I got with the project for New Mexico Game Jam 2020.

All you can do right now is create a room, share the room code with friends to join you (or yourself on another browser), and run around (and sprint for a few seconds with the Z key).  No, sorry, you can't even kick the ball yet (I could have quick-hacked that in by using the physics engine, but didn't want to waste time on code I'll just completely replace later).

Borrowed some free sprites from until proper art can be done.

The next update should be a playable game.

Controls will be similar to Sensible Soccer.