Version 0.2.2 Released - Tackles!

After a few long weekends (a third of it spent on art, it feels), tackling is finally here... and tripping... and foul and card calls.  It's still free play, so you decide what to do about it all.  Also, as noted, the odds of what's what is still very rough, so feel free to tell me if this or that feels too much or not enough.

It may also be a while before the next release.  I'm not happy with the overly-complicated and docu-bloated Phaser game engine and am looking for another solution before I get in any deeper.  Thus, a rewrite is likely coming.


  • Tackles! ... with foul calls and cards! I created tackle art but not tripped art yet. Thus, tripped currently uses tackle art. Very rough guesses on the foul and card odds right now. The internal logic of what gets called when is too complicated to care to try to explain here.
  • Can kick ball if within 1m (center to center), even if not the dribbler.
  • Ball resets to center field with Alt+0.


  • Aftertouch time changed from 1/2 to 3/4 sec. Rate of change in bend adjusted to match this.
  • Initial bend value increased.


  • Player sprites on guest browsers could face other directions while kick button is depressed, and during aftertouch.
  • Circle-on-circle-collision velocity randomness fixed by dumbing the physics down, for now. Weird engine issue with the masses I was using.
  • Play SFX on guest browsers whether late or not.


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Jan 04, 2021

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