Version 0.2.0 Released - Bending It

Send it and bend it!  There is still smoothing and tuning to do, but the fundamentals of bending are now here.


  • Can now bend it! Left/right/up/down. I tried a different direction than first anticipated (and diverged a bit from Sensible Soccer). Instead of using aftertouch to set one of nine kicks at some moment during or after the kick (or however they do it), I give you 1/2 second after the kick for "steering" the direction of the bend to whatever degree you want. The result can look a bit funny but, well, it's a game with simplified controls. WARNING: I may change this.
  • Sprint bar turns red when low.


  • Screen edge ball tracker positions correctly when player not in center of camera due to field extents.


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Dec 07, 2020

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