It Lives! - Version 0.1.0 Released

As promised, after the first release that was just a proof of P2P browser code I built for the New Mexico Game Jam, this second release is a playable game.  Mind you, a very very very very minimal game.  But, hey, who needs a computer enforcing too many rules when you just want a pickup game of soccer with friends?

What you get in this 0.1 release is a kicking game you can play with your friends who are scattered about the globe.  Figuring out how to handle corner kicks and such is up to you.  So, choose a centrally-located friend with a fast computer and solid internet, ask them to host a room and share the room code, and start kicking the ball about.

Tons of features left to build... and tuning... but, hey, it's a start.

Are there any other P2P browser games on

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Nov 26, 2020

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