Version 0.2.1 Released - Bend It Better

Yes, just a small update in terms of version numbers... but tons of changes behind the scenes to set up the future better.


  • Direction code redux with improved sensitivity to diagonals.
  • Run and sprint are now 20% faster to move a bit beyond sim and into arcade (original plan).
  • Increased sprint time from 3 seconds to 4 (2 while dribbling).
  • Minor menu changes. Can't start a game until at least one player chooses a team (yeah, bummer eh?, I thought a camera on a lonely soccer ball was pretty zen -- especially with several players watching).


  • Kicking direction from standing always works correctly now. Why are the dumbest mistakes always the hardest to find?
  • Prevent arrow key repeats from scrolling the page when not fullscreen.
  • Start with sprite 0 instead of 1 from standing.


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Dec 15, 2020

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