Waiting for Godot Firebase Lite

After many months of mostly weekend programming, I have finally finished Godot Firebase Lite.  Why does this matter to Sendit Soccer?  Well, Phaser was proving too dorky [technical term meaning it's a mess of at least three different programming patterns and no clear direction of which one the dev should use]... to continue developing Sendit in.

Hey, this switch is not my fault!  No, you guys are giving Sendit too much love to continue building it in a dorky tool.

Thus, I went looking for a thin-ish engine (or other tool set) with an easy path to WebAssembly and landed on Godot.  (It's true, I made an interesting list of rqs and contenders before deciding -- maybe I should blog that???)

But... while I had checked for Firebase support in Godot before choosing Godot, I didn't test that support until... well... actually, I tested it right off the bat.  I could have then turned and ran to the second-best engine on my list... but I didn't.  Godot seems worthy of some of my time and, well, there were some Godot jerks that I suppose I felt needed to be put in the hole they dug for themselves.

You see, while Godot continues to prove to be a fine tool, GodotFirebase (not Godot Firebase Lite) proved to be a lame tool built by a small group of "tools."  Thus, I out-tooled the tools and built my own tool proving that I'm the ultimate tool of tools!

Anyway... read more about that at the top of the GitHub page if you want: https://github.com/juanitogan/godot-firebase-lite (assuming my jibber jabber is still there by the time you read this).

Thus... finally... a usable/sensible Firebase tool for Godot now exists after disappearing way too far into that rabbit hole (I put much more into Godot Firebase Lite than I personally needed for Sendit -- but, well, I thought I should support a few more use cases than just my own -- silly me).

Now, alas, Sendit Soccer can begin progressing again (after I finish the rewrite in Godot, that is, with more weekend programming).  A huge "thank you" to everyone who keeps playing this silly game even though it was/is stuck at v0.2 forever.  As a reward, I offer this:

During that Samuel-Beckett time, I (somewhat insanely) thought of a new feature to add to the todo list -- one that I hope to add sooner than later: Sniper Mode.  Yeah... I'll explain that one later after I test it out.  (Don't worry, Sendit will always remain family-friendly like everything else I do.)

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