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Sendit Soccer

Multiplayer browser game with oomph! · By mj.Jernigan


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Waiting for Godot Firebase Lite
After many months of mostly weekend programming, I have finally finished Godot Firebase Lite . Why does this matter to Send it Soccer? Well, Phaser was proving...
Version 0.2.2 Released - Tackles!
After a few long weekends (a third of it spent on art, it feels), tackling is finally here... and tripping... and foul and card calls. It's still free play, so...
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Version 0.2.1 Released - Bend It Better
Yes, just a small update in terms of version numbers... but tons of changes behind the scenes to set up the future better. Changed Direction code redux with imp...
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Version 0.2.0 Released - Bending It
Send it and bend it! There is still smoothing and tuning to do, but the fundamentals of bending are now here. Added Can now bend it! Left/right/up/down. I trie...
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Version 0.1.2 Released
Just a couple of minor fixes I noticed while looking for other possible issues. Fixed Spectator player mode now working again if no choice was made. Can no long...
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Version 0.1.1 Released
After much ado with wasting time due to a lack of guides, the next build is finally out. Changes: The game should now resize to fill the screen on full screen O...
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It Lives! - Version 0.1.0 Released
As promised, after the first release that was just a proof of P2P browser code I built for the New Mexico Game Jam, this second release is a playable game. Min...
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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. The format is based on Keep a Changelog , and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning...
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Can't wait to see how this game develops. Curving the ball feels good.
started by Connorses Dec 09, 2020
2 replies
hello my name is sipper and i have found this game and found it to be addicting and fun with my friends and i have learn...
started by Techbro Dec 03, 2020
5 replies
Yo wtf everytime i try to join a game my freind hosted this happens Fix this now
started by Techbro Dec 03, 2020
1 reply