Help “Pogo Bug” Paul clear the aphids from the carrot patch on his farm.  Swipe down to jump.  The longer the swipe, the higher the jump.  Swipe while Paul is on his way down.  Swipe in rhythm.

Hello!  This plays, looks, and sounds better on a phone as a native app (Flutter for web is still in beta and the feature to turn off AA doesn't yet work in web).  Exported to HTML here just so you can try the insanity of using a mouse with it (click, drag down, release).  Also note that mobile browsers have even more issues than desktop browsers.

Yes, in the Flappy Bird genre... but not a Flappy Bird clone.  You get one swipe per jump.  Make it count.

Free with donations accepted.  Donors get prestige title art.  “Woot woot!”  If there's enough interest, I'll add an extra trick animation for each donation level.

Made with the open-source Pogo Game Engine (which, yes, I named after Pogo Bug).

iOS release is on hold until I can afford it ($99/yr).

Updated 13 days ago
Release date 48 days ago
Made withAseprite
Tags2D, android, Arcade, flutter, Pixel Art, pogo
Average sessionA few seconds

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