Screensaver-like art (flying toasters hadn't been invented yet to call it a screensaver) for CGA.  I made it in 1986 when I was 15 and probably released it on the BBSs.  Really, I'm just amused I can post this here to run in a browser via a DOSBox port to JavaScript.  Not sure why anyone else would care.

DOSBox controls:

  • Decrease speed: Ctrl+F11
  • Increase speed: Ctrl+F12

(If the DOS window stops responding to keys, set the focus to the "Enter fullscreen" button.)

Release date Jan 01, 1986
TagsDOS, dosbox, Procedural Generation, screensaver

Install instructions

This is a DOS program from 1988... so DOSBox will be needed to run it on modern OSs.


DOS Executable 50 kB

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