Screensaver-like art (flying toasters hadn't been invented yet to call it a screensaver) for CGA.  I made it in 1986 when I was 15 and probably released it on the BBSs.  Really, I'm just amused I can post this here to run in a browser via a DOSBox port to JavaScript.  Not sure why anyone else would care.

DOSBox controls:

  • Decrease speed: Ctrl+F11
  • Increase speed: Ctrl+F12

(If the DOS window stops responding to keys, set the focus to the "Enter fullscreen" button.)

Release date Jan 01, 1986
TagsDOS, dosbox, screensaver

Install instructions

This is a DOS program from 1988... so DOSBox will be needed to run it on modern OSs.


DOS Executable 50 kB

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