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River Raid Squadron

Couch co-op retro-mod port of a classic · By mj.Jernigan


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Single-player Escort Mode is Here!
Yeah, I know this is a small bump in the version number to 0.9.2, but this really is a major update (I just didn't anticipate a major feature add after declarin...
2 files — 0.9.2
Version 0.9.1 Released
All significant features are now built. It's just tweaking, tuning, and polishing from here on out. Unless, of course, I decide to add that single-player esco...
2 files — 0.9.1
How ‘River Raid Squadron’ Came to Be... Eventually
It began at a game jam. No, wait. It began when I was 12 and asked a friend, Joey, to play River Raid with me. I was sure it had a play-together mode. It didn...
2 files — 0.9.0
Linux: 32-bit Game on 64-bit OS
Background The game engine I used (and I won't mention GameMaker: Studio by name) skimped on releasing a build feature for 64-bit Linux even though they were cl...
Supported Controllers on Linux
Annoyingly, GameMaker: Studio has seen fit to hard code their list of supported controllers even though they use a standard SDL2 def file. And, because GM:S di...
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Please leave a short (or long) comment if you want to see me port this to the 7800. The art assets are ready. I have the...
started by mj.Jernigan Sep 10, 2020
4 replies
This might be the greatest Atari game ever. Got it running on my pc and will work on getting it going on Ubuntu 20.04 wh...
started by pcexpert Dec 31, 2020
2 replies