Version 0.9.1 Released

All significant features are now built.  It's just tweaking, tuning, and polishing from here on out.  Unless, of course, I decide to add that single-player escort mode.

If you want to see a port to the Atari 7800, be sure to let me know on the discussion board here.  (There are too many trolls and village idiots doing their best to discourage Atari development from non-VIP-members on the AtariAge boards to want to continue discussions there.  That place has been a real downer for many years and I find no motivation there to build the various Atari games on my todo list.  Thus, until now, I have opted to build other games to which I find a friendlier crowd.)

The more I hear, the more likely I am to push the 7800 port along.  That goes for play reports too.  If I don't hear anything, I don't know what to make better.  I'm also open to art changes for the title and menu screens (ask me about the palette found in my devlog here if interested and unsure about the palette).


  • Minor art tweaks to the player jet sprites and a line added to the instrument panel (I somehow had fallen 1 line short of my 224-line target).


  • High score saving is now functional.
  • Fuel balancing in 2P Hard Lives mode now occurs over time instead of instantly.  Still instant in 2P Easy Lives.

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Version 0.9.1 Sep 10, 2020 3 MB
Version 0.9.1 Sep 10, 2020

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